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Here are elegant, innovative consumer products made by companies in almost every state in the union.

American companies have always found novel, original ways to make outstanding consumer products. Click on one of the featured squares on this page or browse almost 100 American companies by state or product line.

The United States has the leading economy in the world, but Americans still find that much of the consumer goods they buy are not made here.

Consumer goods are produced all over the world, and American businesses have always had to compete internationally. We have a small portion of the world's population, (about 4.5%) and we manufacturer almost 20% of the worlds goods.

Some people may complain that the US is at a labor cost disadvantage. I don't think it's a disadvantage to have the highest standard of living in the world. That's why labor costs more.

Smart business people will recognize a tremendous natural advantage...95% of the potential customers for goods we produce are in other countries. If we make consumer goods that Americans want, there's a very good chance people all over the world will want them.

The challenge is not trying to compete making cheap consumer goods. The challenge is to make elegant high value products, and to find innovative ways to lower the costs of producing them.

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